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After, completing a very successful run at university and acquiring the necessary degrees and accolades to be part of the academic community, I left the confines of the Ivory Tower and started my private practice. In university, I was fortunate to study with some great mentors and have a very solid scientific background. Although science has its place, psychology is also an art. An art that requires a very strong link to one's own intuition. Even though I may be proud of my scientific and academic accomplishments, I am equally proud to have studied several types of meditation, yoga, Pilates, martial arts, Zen, Buddhism, Japanese calligraphy, comparative religious studies, and a variety of great therapies that are part of my consciousness.  Apart from being a psychologist, I have certification in fitness training and behavioral nutrition.  Although, psychotherapy is about problems, it is also about empowerment, growth, and grace. We should feel good about psychotherapy as a tool to get us where we really should be in life, with no judgment and with peace of mind.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Stress: Can We Cope?

This article appeared in Time Magazine in 1983. In a few years, stress might be only second to heart disease as the major cause of work days lost.

Stress: Can We Cope?